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Dragonboard Case Studies


The Lily

The Lily is our stunning, contemporary three-bedroom Dragonboard® show home in South Wales which has proved of such interest to architects and other construction professionals from around the world.

It was designed by our own award winning Architect and Director, Frank Boyce with the aim of utilising Dragonboard® technology to the maximum, creating an affordable and adaptable lifetime home.

Dragonboard® panels sheath a lightweight steel frame structure which is recyclable and the equivalent of two to three recycled cars.

The Lily is treated externally with a contemporary mix of K-render systems and applied cedar boarding and uses high performance window systems. In addition, the home features a south-facing solar wall on its front elevation.

Calculations have shown that due to the high level of insulation, air tightness and controlled ventilation, our concept home has incredibly low energy usage and will result in significant savings on energy bills.

The Lily comfortably met Level 5 of the Code for Sustainable Homes five years ahead of the Government’s target date.

The Lily has fully incorporated the latest renewable energy technologies. The home is powered by an air source heat pump coupled to a heat recovery ventilation system, supplying heat to a 700-litre storage cylinder which is more than sufficient to meet the needs of a typical family.

The installation of solar panels to the roof is expected to save up to 80% of the annual water heating costs, sufficient to contribute 2.5kWh to match the heating load for the house.

Please contact us for more information about The Lily or to arrange a tour of the show home in South Wales.