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Dragonboard Environmental Benefits


Dragonboard® does not contain any organic solvents, oils or toxic substances, or any metal salts. Even better, no energy is consumed in the manufacturing process as production is carried out at room temperature.

Dragonboard® production is simple, energy efficient and produces few greenhouse gases, thereby making it an eco-friendly product like no other. There is also no waste in the production process with any scrap or drop-off being reground and reused in manufacture.

As has been explained elsewhere on this site, Dragonboard® has also been designed to ensure that the end user also reaps the rewards of this eco-friendly board.

It has successfully undergone rigorous testing by BRE and designed to meet the Government’s exacting Code for Sustainable Homes targets aimed at reducing our carbon emissions and creating a more sustainable environment for future generations.

We believe that all of these environmental benefits make Dragonboard® the ‘greenest’ board in the world!